TV ownership down for first time in two decades
May 10th, 2011


My guess is that individual interactive devices, where eventually all the broadcast stuff will be available too, are beginning to replace the one-way broadcast medium of television in the era of the smart mob.

THE WRAP reports the reasons are manifold, including:

First, Nielsen says, the transition to digital television in 2009 may have had an effect, with some percentage of Americans opting out of television altogether rather than update to a set with a digital tuner, shell out for a converter for their old set, or subscribe to cable.

Another factor, somewhat tying into the first, is the prolonged grim economy, with lower-income, rural populations in particular finding themselves increasingly unable to afford TV ownership.

On the other end of the spectrum, a small portion of the urban population is also contributing to the decline in TV ownership, choosing to go without paid TV subscriptions. This group may be a subset of a larger trend that Nielsen sees — that of consumers choosing to view content across a variety of platforms, including mobile devices and online.

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