Getting Started with LinkedIn
June 20th, 2011

One of the mobs that is probably among the smartest and most ambitious is composed of those who use LinkedIn to connect primarily for business and professional reasons. TNW has responded to LinkedIn’s IPO with a feature on Getting Started With LinkedIn, which explores the methods of this social network.

The feature is accompanied by an introduction called LinkedIn: How to up your game by TNW blog writer David Reinhart, who begins:

In the wake of the LinkedIn IPO, Alex Wilhelm wrote a feature to get you started on the professional social network. In this post, I want to enable you to step up your game and become a more serious user of the network.

By the time you’re done with Alex’s post, you may have considered how you want to use LinkedIn, and created a profile, added an image, created a public profile URL and crafted a meaningful headline. You have also hopefully built up a small base of connections. It’s time to move things to the next level. . . .

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