Twitter vs Icelandic ash cloud
June 24th, 2011


KLM tried out Twitter when its call centers became overloaded during the recent scheduling chaos caused by a volcano in Iceland. describes the very positive results in a report today. Here is some of the flavor:

. . . The airline is also using social media to increase customer loyalty and positive word of mouth.

Its social media team looks for KLM passengers who check in at Schipol Aiport via the location-tracking service Foursquare and try to identify the person’s interests from their social media profiles, then use that information to give them a gift they would like. Examples include giving a Nike+ fitness gadget to a woman whose profile suggested an interest in sport.

“We will see a shift from the old-fashioned way of advertising to this approach. I strongly believe it is a competitive advantage,” Hartman said.

The airline estimates that customer service agents working within the social media department are 75 per cent more productive than those within call centres. . . .

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