Fans, stars tweeting the blues
July 26th, 2011

The sad death of 27-year-old soul singer Amy Winehouse brought a grieving mob to Twitter — demonstrating yet another new way networks are bringing people together. In the virtual medium online, fans and stars are linked by their sentiments. Status and geography melt away in a collective expression. Reuters headlined this today in a story by Bob Tourtellotte: Fans, stars tweet the blues over Winehouse death:

Winehouse was the top trending topic on Twitter where many tweets read like this one from gigglinben: “meh hate waking up to hear #amywinehouse is gone…dreaded it for ages…so young & so much talent sadly gone..hope she finds peace”

CRIerPourMoi posted: “her beautiful voice will be sorely missed. so unfortunate her disease got the best of her. RIP…”

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