The Web Ain’t Dead Yet
August 26th, 2011

Epicenter says the Web is not only not dead. It is also getting easier to create;

Wired magazine wrote a big cover story [a year ago] about the internet’s shift away from the open to the proprietary web.

But that shift is hitting a snag. The main problem with apps and big platforms is that while they may be easy to use, they’re still tough for nonprogrammers to make. While the content publishers, platform owners and device makers had largely been working together to create a new money-making ecosystem, fights over dividing that money mean they’re now just as often routing around each other, playing negotiation hardball or openly going right at each others’ throats.

Meanwhile, HTML5 increasingly makes the web look better and work harder.

The Epicenter article discusses factors in some detail. Key in the bigger picture. I think, is that open Web content can interact across networks and form networks. Apps and other proprietary content cannot do that! There is, seems to me, a place for both — but the open Web where content is free to be smart mobby will always be more emergent, creative, flexible, and interesting than propriety content confined to silos.

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