Occupy Cafe – an open space for global conversation
October 22nd, 2011

Conversations that matter are one of the highest forms of ACTION. Join other Open Cafe attendants if you care about about what #Occupy might mean for the world.

Occupy Cafe is dedicated to expanding and connecting #Occupy conversations on the website in the US and throughout the world. Real and meaningful change for good comes when we, the people, stand, speak and act together, cooperatively and collaboratively.

Occupy Cafe exists to inclusively connect people with people, to share and listen. All viewpoints are welcome from as many diverse locations as possible. The more we share and hear our individual and collective needs, wants and visions, the more powerful our initiatives to create real change become. We can achieve this in a virtual occupy cafe such as this.

Occupy Cafe has been created to encourage and create space for this evolutionary process that seeks to restore human dignity at an epic scale. This conversation, alive and growing with a life of its own, is greater than one group, one city or one country. On behalf of our support team, it is with deep respect and honor, we welcome you to Occupy Cafe, an open space for global conversation.Who Are We: We are a diverse group of trained and experienced conveners and facilitators with backgrounds in group dialogue and process design. We are unaffiliated with any political party or advocacy organization. We know each other as co-creators of the FourYearsGo campaign for the past year and are now called to create the Occupy Cafe together to provide a space for collaboration and to incubate coordinated collective action.

Source: www.occupycafe.org

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