Thank you and adieu, Judy Breck
November 28th, 2011

I’ve been procrastinating on this post for obvious reasons. It isn’t a happy event. Judy Breck, who tirelessly, competently, and intelligently blogged here for the past several years succumbed to cancer a few months ago. It took me a couple weeks to find out about her passing. I corresponded with Judy online for the most part, but I had an opportunity to spend time with her in November, 2009, when we both attended a conference in New York. Judy was passionate about spreading the word about how digital and mobile media could and should be used in education. She had a dry wit and a taste for learning. Thank you, Judy. You are missed.

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Oh my…

I didn’t know. I wish I did… wish I could have done something. Judy, you will definitely be missed. Thank you for your encouragement and proding to think/do more.

Sad news – I knew she had cancer a few years ago, but had thought she was in remission.

Lovely lady, who I had the pleasure of meeting in New York a few years ago.

A great blogger and passionate about technology and education.

I’ll miss her.


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