Introductions: Antoine RJ Wright
December 4th, 2011

Author Headshot - Share on OviGreetings to the Smart Mobs community. My name is Antoine RJ Wright and I’ve been invited by Howard to be a new contributor to this community. I’ve been a long time follower of Howard’s work (in fact, I cited him quite often during my undergraduate work at Millersville University), and much of what I’ve learned from the Smart Mobs community has been featured within the veins of the work that I do at Mobile Ministry Magazine ( Mobile Ministry Magazine looks at the implications of mobile when it intersects with various activities within the realm of religious activities. I hope to bring some insights from that sphere and many others, in addition to learning more from this community as we all better understand the influence connected spaces play within and around our communities.

With that said, let’s get smart mobby :)

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[...] one was actually motivated by a recent addition of me as a contribtor over at Smart Mobs. What can I say, mobile has in many ways made me spread wings in a way that I’d not really [...]

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