Spotted on #CES via Twitter
January 12th, 2012

via: Stefan @Svartling

#CES 2012: Lenovo K800 – The First Phone With An Intel Processor: via @youtube

more info by Stefan Svartling … and Intel goes mobile (report and live blog of the Intel press conference)

1:42 am “Today, your smartphone has more computing power than existed in all of NASA in 1969.” Wow.

1:43 am Intel thinks of mobile phones as more than just calls, messaging and light gaming.

1:43 am It’s just another computing platform.

1:44 am “The best of Intel computing is now coming to smartphones.” Crowd hollers and cheers.

1:44 am “And it’s coming first to China.

1:45 am Jun, a senior VP at Lenovo, says his company expects all devices will be connected. “We’re transforming Lenovo from a leading personal computer company to a leading internet-connected device company.”

1:45 am “Here in my hand..” He’s got the new phone.

1:46 am Lenovo smartphone K800.

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