Digital natives lacking interpersonal skills
March 19th, 2012

John K. Mullen started in The HBR Blog Network a series about The New Rules for Getting a Job. Mullen warns digital natives to be aware that the internet may have partially rewired their brain in such a way that when they meet people face to face, they’re less capable of figuring out what others are thinking.

Research indicates that because there’s only so much time in the day, face-to-face interaction time drops by nearly 30 minutes for every hour a person spends on a computer. With more time devoted to computers and less to in-person interactions, young people may be understimulating and underdeveloping the neural pathways necessary for honing social skills.

Are digital natives lacking the interpersonal skills necessary for certain types of jobs? Mentioned are some points to consider for digital natives looking for a position in a field that requires human interaction.

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