Howard Rheingold’s New Book: Mind Amplifier
October 11th, 2012

Mind Amplifier, Howard Rheingold’s latest book, published by TED Conferences in Kindle format, is short (62 pages), but conceptually dense and rich in ideas. It explores both familiar and new themes of Rheingoldian writing: mind extension tools, evolution of intellectual augmentation, a more human and effective technology, the future of machines-to-think-with, human-computer symbiosis, cyborg literacy, the polarized attitude towards networked electronic communication devices (enthusiasm for their use versus apprehension for their potential to create addiction and cultural regression), metacognition, collaborative cognition, collective intelligence, and much more.

Book description at Amazon:

“Instead of asking whether the Web is making us stupid, Howard Rheingold turns that question around and asks how designing and using digital media mindfully could make us smarter. What if humans could build tools that leverage our ability to think, communicate, and cooperate? We invented social learning, speech, writing, alphabets, printing, computers, and the Internet, which means we should be systematically directing the evolution of intellectual augmentation. ‘Mind Amplifier: Can Our Digital Tools Make Us Smarter?’ examines the origins of digital mind-extending tools, and then lays out the foundations for their future. Rheingold proposes an applied, interdisciplinary science of mind amplification. He also unveils a new protocol for developing techno-cognitive-social technologies that embrace empathy, mindfulness, and compassion — elements lacking from existing digital mind-tools.”

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