Back in town
April 16th, 2014

Much to my surprise I noticed that co-blogger Charles Cameron recently started posting again on Smartmobs. The last time I contributed was in 2012 and without a valid reason I stopped. Being a fan of Howards books Smartmobs and Net Smarts it might be useful to continue the blogging in the context of Howard’s work. Therefore I picked up both books today and let them inspire me for a renewed blogging effort.

And via MIT’s Shelf Awareness on Facebook I found that there are
8 Stages of becoming obsessed with a (new) book. Here you can read more on those stages.

I like this quote of Daniel H. Pink, author of ‘Drive and a whole new mind’ on the cover of Net Smart

‘Net Smart is a lifeboat for people who want to participate in new technologies without drowning in the flood’

In what obsessed state with Howard’s book on Thriving Online are you? I personally reached the never-ending stage and learnt that This is basically the time after you pass the jealousy stage, but before you read the book again. Because your love and obsession for a book never, ever ends. It just grows and changes with time.

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