Challenges for Wearables
April 20th, 2014

About wearable health device companies like FuelBand, FitBit, Jawbone Up and the marketing challenge of habit formation.

If wearable makers like Nike and Google really believes these devices are the future (Ben Parr says, I do), then they need to focus on turning these devices into habits first. Until that happens, wearables will remain in the niche.

[Motivation, habit formation and the mechanics of human rewards are all subjects I cover in my upcoming book, Captivology: The Science of Capturing People’s Attention (HarperOne, early 2015). I’m going to write a follow-up on how we can turn wearables into popular habits, but I hope you’ll sign up for updates on the book at or follow @Captivology as well.]

(P.S. — I’ll give you a hint: the reason we wear watches and wedding rings isn’t because they’re habits. We have far more intrinsic motivations for wearing them.)’

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