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Judy Breck has spent the first half of her life in West Texas and the second in Manhattan, New York, and calls both home. From 1997-2001 she led HomeworkCentral.com's open content collection of 35,000 study subjects that received 4 million monthly visits. She has since written four books about knowledge digital migration and connectivity. With a foreword by John Seely Brown, her 4th book is 109 IDEAS for Virtual Learning, February 2006. Judy's central idea, from this book: "the network, patterning structure of what a mind can know is mirrored in the network, patterning structure of the open Internet. That idea is not only theoretically elegant. It is so powerful that it has been a self-fulfilling prophecy: over the past decade what is known by humankind has spontaneously nestled into the Internet and begun interconnecting itself into a cognitive network..." Judy's blog and other websites are at GoldenSwamp.com.
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