Smart Mobs Blog Mob

The resource-finders extraordinaire who keep the Smart Mobs Blog up to date:

Alberto Escarlate

Current dayjob: Executive VP and Chief Technology Officer, Entertainment Media Works.
Faculty at Design + Management Department at Parsons School of Design, NYC.
Blogging: Team lead, Global blogs, Weblogs Inc. (Engadget and Autoblog)


Bryan Alexander

Bryan Alexander is codirector of the Center for Educational Technology at Middlebury College, Vermont, where he researches and develops programs on the advanced uses of information technology in higher education. He is interested in how wirelessness creates new forms of teaching, writing, collaboration, and social organization. His other specialties include weblogs, social software, copyright, information literacy, and interdisciplinary collaboration. He maintains and contributes to a series of weblogs, including Smartmobs, NITLE Tech News, MANE IT blog, and Infocult, when not creating digital learning objects like Gormenghast. He has also taught English and information technology studies at Centenary College and the University of Michigan.

Emeka Okafor

Emeka Okafor is an entrepreneur and consultant with a background in Finance, Information Technology and Architecture who lives in the beautiful borough of Brooklyn, New York City. His interests include sustainable technologies in the developing world and paradigm breaking technologies generally. His blog, Timbuktu Chronicles seeks to spur dialogue in areas of entrepreneurship, technology and the scientific method as it impacts Africa.
Timbuktu is a city unsullied by the worship of idols........a refuge of scholarly and righteous folk, a haunt of saints and ascetics, and a meeting place of caravans and boats. -Al-Sa'Di

Emily Turrettini

Emily Turrettini, based in Geneva, Switzerland, edits 3 blogs related to cell phones. They track the news and social impacts of these new technologies around the world. is all about text messaging. explores the new world of picture phones. Ringtones follows the latest news and buzz on ringtones. Emily is also editor of, an independent website, which has been publishing a bilingual press review of Internet news since 1996.

Gerrit Visser

Gerrit Visser, based in Groningen, Netherlands, has been a member of the Brainstorms community for three years. In a high tech R&D environment he observed enabling technologies, economy and general interne tnews. To observe the main trends in knowledge management he attended Online Information in London three times. His main focus today is the exploration of collaboration - technologies, tools, techniques, social processes, best practices - whatever it is that brings people together to work effectively and productively as equals.

Jim Downing

Jim Downing lives in Melbourne, Australia, where he recently recieved a MEd from R.M.I.T University as a result of a project he dreamed up. He is an online moderator at Sociopranos, a sociological discussion forum which originated at the Abertay University in Scotland. He is hoping to get the opportunity to start a PHD in 2004.

Jon Lebkowsky

Jon Lebkowsky is CEO of Polycot, an Austin, Texas company focusing on computer networks and software tools for effective collaboration and communication. He was cofounder and CEO of one of one of the first virtual corporations, FringeWare, Inc. He's hosted several conferences on the a href="">WELL, worked as a writer and host at Howard Rheingold's Electric Minds, and and moderated chat events at HotWired. In 1997 he joined Whole Foods Market to help coordinate the development of their Internet, intranet, and e-commerce initiatives. His popular weblog is at Jon is President of EFF-Austin, a member of the Austin Free-Net Board of Directors and the steering committee for the Austin Clean Energy Initiative, and member of the steering committee for the annual South by Southwest Interactive conference. He is currently leading a research project on the economic impact of wireless telecommunications ( ) for IC², an Austin think tank associated with the University of Texas.

Judy Breck

Judy Breck has spent the first half of her life in West Texas and the second in Manhattan, New York, and calls both home. From 1997-2001 she led's open content collection of 35,000 study subjects that received 4 million monthly visits. She has since written four books about knowledge digital migration and connectivity. With a foreword by John Seely Brown, her 4th book is 109 IDEAS for Virtual Learning, February 2006. Judy's central idea, from this book: "the network, patterning structure of what a mind can know is mirrored in the network, patterning structure of the open Internet. That idea is not only theoretically elegant. It is so powerful that it has been a self-fulfilling prophecy: over the past decade what is known by humankind has spontaneously nestled into the Internet and begun interconnecting itself into a cognitive network..." Judy's blog and other websites are at

Marshall Sponder

Marshall maintains his own Search Engine Marketing Consultancy, NOW-SEO and has several B2B and B2C clients. Marshall's blog, is one of the most influential and viewed blogs on Web Metrics. Marshall is also a chat moderator for Search Engine Workshops and World Resource Center. Special Interests are: Art and Technology, Visitor and Audience Segmentation using Geo Demographics, Search Marketing and Optimization, Podcasting and RSS Feed Measurement and Metrics, Keyword Optimization, Content Analysis, Link Analysis, Competitive Analysis, SWOT Analysis to provide insight to site owners.

Mike Love

Mike Love lives in San Francisco, works at the Institute for the Future, blogs at Cooperation Commons, and also likes art and photography.

Paul Hartzog

Paul Hartzog is the creator of the post-modern theory of Panarchy. A self-styled futurist and techno-shaman, his interests include Complexity Theory, Cooperation, International Relations, Environmental Politics, Information Society and Economy, Information Technologies, Sustainable Development, Ethics.

Roland Piquepaille

Roland Piquepaille lives in beautiful Paris, France, "where food is good and where we are fighting hard to remove cars from the center." He spent most of his career in computing, especially in high performance computing and visualization, working for Cray Research and Silicon Graphics. His areas of expertise include software development, in particular for seismic applications. He left the corporate world two years ago to become an IT consultant. He also started a weblog dedicated to discover how new technologies will affect our lives. This blog, Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends attracts about 150,000 visitors per month. Roland was profiled in Microdoc News, Network World Fusion magazine, and by Robin Good

Régine Debatty

Régine Debatty worked for TV and radio in Belgium and Spain until she realized that one can also get weather forecasts and soap operas on the screen of a mobile phone. Now she lives in Italy, blogs on Near Near Future and works as a new media consultant.

Suzana Gutierrez

Suzana Gutierrez is a teacher, living in Porto Alegre, at the south of Brazil. She plans to study for a doctorate, concentrating on the use of weblogs in education.

Vanilla Gorilla

Vanilla Gorilla invests in emerging technologies, lives in South Florida and for fun races in IronMan events. "After reading Smart Mobs, I wanted to uncover all industries, technologies and trends, that would be affected by this tsunami".