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Note: You will notice a few duplicates in these records, and that is because some of the articles and books were used for more than one chapter in Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution.

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Title: The upcoming year in wireless optics
Author: Janet McVeigh
Publication: Lightwave - fiber-optic communications, bandwidth access and telecommunications
Publication Date: 12/1/2000
Abstract or Excerpt: A suite of broadband technologies such as wireless optics, WDM, RF wireless, and fixed wireline will offer the most cost-effective solution for each segment of the business market.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: last-mile, wireless optics, networks
Chapter: Wireless Quilts

Title: Interview with Akseli Anttila, Nokia Research Center
Author: Jim Cashel
Publication: Online Community Report
Publication Date: 1/1/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Interview with Akseli Anttila, Concept Designer in the Nokia Research Center, about virtual communities in Finland and the future of wireless virtual communities. He says that there are not as many web-based communities there, with a smaller population and a distinct language. They mostly have IRC and newsgroups. Lots of the population are content also using English-centric sites, since the market is so small and the language Fin-centric, it would be harder for e-com to be profitable without the world market.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: Akseli Anttila, Nokia,
Chapter: Wireless Quilts

Title: FBI's Reliance on the Private Sector Has Raised Some Privacy Concerns
Author: Glenn R. Simpson
Publication: The Wall Street Journal
Publication Date: 4/13/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Big Brother isn't gone. He's just been outsourced.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Privacy, Surveillance
Keywords: Privacy Act of 1974, ChoicePoint, Big Brother, FBI
Chapter: Always-On Panopticon...or Cooperation Amplifier

Title: The Digital Silk Road
Author: Norman Hardy and Eric Dean Tribble
Abstract or Excerpt: Proposes a form of monetary exchange based upon network protocols. Network packets have values and carry currency with them, which they use to pay their way across the network, and to pay for services at their destinations.
Subjects: Cooperation, Reputation Systems
Keywords: digital money, transactions, money
Chapter: The Evolution of Reputation

Title: Effects of Positive Reputation Systems
Author: Joseph M. Whitmeyer
Publication: Social Science Research 29:188-207
Publication Date: 1/1/2000
Abstract or Excerpt: For a given population of potential trustees-actors or objects in whom others may seek to place trust-a positive reputation system is a formalized or institutionalized procedure or process by which a particular positive reputation is acquired or lost. Positive reputation systems are common in modern society. Examples include awarding of certifications, awards, credentials, and positive reviews. This study mathematically derives effects of two general characteristics of such systems-how easy it is to get a reputation and how effective the reputation is at discriminating between cooperators and non- cooperators-in the context of a third factor, the proportion of cooperators in the population. Some findings are as follows. The gain in confidence from a potential trustee having a reputation is a U-shaped function of reputation ease, with maximum depending on proportion of cooperators in the population. For potential trustees with a positive reputation, and trustors seeking and able to make deals with a limited number of trustees with positive reputations, the reputation is worth more the harder it is to get. However, when reputation effectiveness is moderate to high, the worth of a potential trustee with a positive reputation compared to the worth of a potential trustee without one becomes maximal when reputation is easy. The study also suggests a way to model continuous positive reputation systems-ones in which positive reputations are acquired gradually, as through amassing references.
Subjects: The Evolution of Reputation
Keywords: positive reputation, potential trustee, positive reputation system, cooperators, worth
Chapter: The Evolution of Reputation

Title: The Production of Trust in Online Markets
Author: Peter Kollock
Publication: Advances in Group Processes (Vol. 16), edited by E. J. Lawler, M. Macy, S. Thyne, and H. A. Walker. Greenwich, CT: JAI Press. 1999
Abstract or Excerpt: Academic paper that covers two aspects of online commerce in an attempt to judge how unregulated markets deal with risk, focusing upon reputation management. It covers the "for sale" forums in UseNet and a number of web-based auctions, such as eBay. It deals with reputation management strategies of these commerce communities, with UseNet having tried out both positive and negative reputation management solutions, and with the auction house abilities to have each trader have archived records done by others as to their trustworthiness and reliability.
Subjects: Cooperation, Privacy, Reputation Systems
Keywords: social dilemma, Prisoner's Dilemma, online auction houses, negative reputation system, signal detection, eBay, UseNet, reputation management, blacklists, reputation server
Chapter: The Evolution of Reputation

Title: A Backwater Is Turning to Cutting-Edge Technology
Author: Alan Cowell
Publication: The New York Times
Publication Date: 5/28/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: This blip of an island in the Irish Sea has muscled its way to a latter-day prosperity through such attractions as ever-lower taxes, offshore banking and motorcycle races around the twisting roads that gird its hilly interior. Now the island's phone company, Manx Telecom, a unit of British Telecommunications, is racing forward in its own ambitious quest: to introduce the world's first phone network using the much-promoted new technology that European telecommunications operators have cast as their holy grail, uniting wireless mobility with the breadth of the Internet.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Handhelds, Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: 3G, licenses, Isle of Man, British Telecom
Chapter: Wireless Quilts

Title: In Online Auctions, Rings of Bidders
Author: Judith H. Dobrzynski
Publication: The New York Times
Publication Date: 6/2/2000
Abstract or Excerpt: Ring Bidding and creating positive reputations out of thin air. Rings of shills have been discovered on eBay, who work together to raise prices on each others items and give each other recommendations to raise their scores with the auction houses reputation management system. They were caught, and several user accounts deleted after inflation of a supposed Richard Diebenkorn painting where the seller and main culprit, a California lawyer, would not show the painting to a perspective buyer.
Subjects: Cooperation, Privacy, Reputation Systems
Keywords: online auctions, eBay, bidders, ring bidding
Chapter: The Evolution of Reputation

Title: "The Question Concerning Technology," in Martin Heidegger: Basic Writings, ed. by David Krell
Author: Martin Heidegger
Publication: New York: Harper & Row, 1977
Chapter: Always-On Panopticon...or Cooperation Amplifier

Title: The Marching Morons
Author: C. M. Kornbluth
Publication: Galaxy, April 1951
Chapter: Always-On Panopticon...or Cooperation Amplifier

Title: Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software
Author: Steven Johnson
Publication: New York: Scribner, 2001
Chapter: The Evolution of Reputation

Title: United Devices
Publication Date: 1/1/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: United Devices(tm) is the leading provider of edge distributed computing software and services. We offer the MetaProcessor(tm) platform, an enterprise technology that allows companies to harness the idle resources of their existing computers, either on corporate networks or the Internet. Use the MetaProcessor platform to gain competitive advantage and increase profitability by accelerating mission critical research and business applications.
Subjects: Collective Computation, Cooperation, P2P
Keywords: distributed computing
Chapter: Computation Nations and Swarm Supercomputers

Title: Epinions
Abstract or Excerpt: is a clean, elegant, and fast-loading site that collects consumer-written opinions about hundreds and thousands of products. Well-written opinions filter up to the top of a category list, depending on how well they are rated by site visitors and Epinion users. This encourages people to write well-meaning and useful reviews of products that they own, places they have traveled, or books they have read. Also, Epinions pays you a nominal fee (one to three cents) for every time one of your reviews is read.
Subjects: Cooperation, Reputation Systems
Keywords: Epinions, trust, opinions, trust affect,
Chapter: The Evolution of Reputation

Title: Connected: Life in the Wireless Age
Author: James Gleick
Publication: New York Times Magazine
Publication Date: 4/22/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: As technology-wireless and otherwise invades our lives, how will that change us? This article is one journalist's look at what 'pervasive computing' will mean for all of us.
Subjects: Cooperation, Emerging Technologies (ET), Handhelds, Location Sensitive Devices (LSD), Mobile Phones, Sociology, Ubiquitous Computing, Wireless
Keywords: Pervasive Computing, Bluetooth, Helga, IBM, digital jewelry, network, connected, Wi-Fi, GPS, ad hoc scatternets, Palm Pilot
Chapter: The Era of Sentient Things

Title: Grip Studios Interactive
Publication Date: 1/1/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Finnish game developers for WAP, SMS, and web. "Grip Studios Interactive was founded in 1996 as Wizbang Productions in Helsinki, Finland. Initially a two-man startup designing and developing new media productions for clients in Finland, the company began game development for Internet sites and mobile phones in 1999. In 2000, Wizbang's first mobile games aimed for WAP games debuted, licensed by two leading mobile/internet service providers, Sonera and Iobox. The first game, a tactical sea battle game SubHunter was awarded the Grand Prize in Best of WAP 2000 contest by Nokia. Also in 2000, a series of seven sports games for world wide web, WebGames, was licensed to a major Internet portal in Finland Grip Studios' team develops mobile and cross-media entertainment titles for carrier grade server platforms and the most popular end user devices. The production plan for 2001 includes over a dozen new games. The company works with selected content aggregators and mobile application distributors, offering its mobile games to operators and mobile service providers around the world."
Subjects: Gaming, Handhelds, Helsinki, Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: WAP
Chapter: Wireless Quilts

Title: Location-Based Mobile Chat Service
Author: Steve Gold
Publication: Newbytes
Publication Date: 11/13/2000
Abstract or Excerpt: A mobile chat service has teamed up with a location-based service provider to offer a complete location-based mobile chat value-added service that is accessible from a PC, as well as though WAP and SMS. For the location-based aspect, if another person in your community it seen to be nearby (measured in the 100s of meters) you will both be able to talk without revealing yourself.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Location Sensitive Devices (LSD), Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: mobile chat, Nextenso's Nx Location Server
Chapter: Wireless Quilts

Title: Around The World in Three Seconds
Author: Holly Bartlett
Publication: TheFeature
Publication Date: 4/12/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Starband is a data services provider that promises to keep you connected just about anywhere on the planet - with satellite technology. Satellite ISP Starband has bi-directional service, offering high-speed Internet access outside of the cities. The article covers both some of their strengths and weaknesses, and why they did better than their predecessors.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Mobile Phones, Ubiquitous Computing, Wireless
Keywords: Starband, network, satellite providers
Chapter: Wireless Quilts

Title: Mgage Systems
Publication Date: 1/1/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Mobile company that offers a variety of mobile applications including text messaging, e-cards, group messaging, and tone and image swapping.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Handhelds, Mobile Phones, SMS, Ubiquitous Computing, Wireless
Keywords: Swapper, Mgage,
Chapter: Wireless Quilts

Title: Making the Real World More Fun
Author: Mark Frauenfelder
Publication: TheFeature
Publication Date: 4/3/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Swedish company, It's Alive, have started a new type of game where wireless connections and location sensitive devices tell the other players and the game at large where and who they are. Players then compete on teams to get rid of the other team's robots (the name of their first game is "BotFighters"). They are teaming up with other companies, including wireless carriers, and companies in other countries are working on their own variants of the soon-to-be genre.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Gaming, Location Sensitive Devices (LSD), Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: BotFighters, It's Alive, pervasive gaming
Chapter: Wireless Quilts

Title: Mob Software: The Erotic Life of Code
Author: Richard P. Gabriel and Ron Goldman
Publication: ACM Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages, and Applications, October 15-19, 2000, Minneapolis
Abstract or Excerpt: Current programming methodologies and languages are based on old presumptions that are rooted in the foundations of computer science in the 50s, with the emphasis being that only engineers, mathemeticians and computer scientists can know how and what to do to create software.
Subjects: Collective Computation, Cooperation, P2P, Reputation Systems
Keywords: gift economy, open source, Sugarscape, complex systems, chaos, schema evolution, mob software, performing software, commodity economy, swarm
Chapter: Computation Nations and Swarm Supercomputers

Title: The TXT MSG Revolution
Author: Richard Lloyd Parry
Publication: Independent Digital (UK) Ltd.
Publication Date: 1/23/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: "In revolutions people used to say, 'keep your powder dry.' Now they say, 'keep your cellphone charged.'"
Subjects: Activism, Cooperation, Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: Philippines, revolution, texting, coup, Filipinos, Alex Magno
Chapter: Smart Mobs and the Power of the Mobile Many

Title: Wireless Sensors - Buyer Beware
Author: Wayne W. Manges and Glenn O. Allgood
Publication: Sensors Magazine, April 2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Wireless sensors are beginning to proliferate in the marketplace. But will the advertised solutions actually meet real-world application requirements, and if so, what will be their impact on operations? You be the judge.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Location Sensitive Devices (LSD), Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: radios, RFID, energy, networks, routing, smart sensor, Bluetooth, throughput, IR sensors, killer bee tracking devices
Chapter: Wireless Quilts

Title: The Semantic Web
Author: Tim Berners-Lee, James Hendler and Ora Lassila
Publication: Scientific American, May 2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Article by web inventor discussing the future of hypertext and the web. With integration of XML, RDF, and Ontologies. It will allow for semantic markup of documents, so that concepts can be searched for and agents can seek out meaningful information in documents for users.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Handhelds, Mobile Phones, P2P, Ubiquitous Computing, Wireless
Keywords: semantic web, XML, machine readable, knowledge, agents, content, ontologies
Chapter: The Era of Sentient Things

Title: Noblestar, Sonera Create Mobile Communities
Publication: PMN Publications
Publication Date: 11/2/2000
Abstract or Excerpt: Noblestar has created a mobile community application for Finnish mobile portal company Sonera. The application will be usable from handhelds, WAP phones and desktops.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Handhelds, Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: mobile communities, mobile internet portal, Noblestar, Sonera Zed
Chapter: Wireless Quilts

Title: Mobile Communities Let Messages Fly
Author: Kevin McLaughlin
Publication: Business 2.0
Publication Date: 10/6/2000
Abstract or Excerpt: Mobile messaging, which lets cell phone users trade text greetings, is bringing together consumers with common interests in Europe, Asia, and elsewhere. Now mobile community companies get to prove whether they've got a profitable business in the United States.
Subjects: Handhelds, Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: i-mode, Upoc, Quios, mobile community, texting, GSM
Chapter: Wireless Quilts

Title: room33
Abstract or Excerpt: room33 is a leading mobile software and portal technology company, delivering wireless applications and services to both enterprise and consumers.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: room33, portal,
Chapter: Wireless Quilts

Title: RIOT-E Mobile Community
Abstract or Excerpt: The RIOT Mobile Community brings together people with a common interest or passion. It's an assortment of services designed for people hungry for interaction with people sharing the same lifestyle. The Community services vary from mobile dating to an array of mobile accessories. Sharing the experience with others in the Mobile Community is what makes it lively and enjoyable. RIOT-E was founded in February 2000, when two content companies merged to create one brilliant storyteller focusing on the mobile audience. For us, mobility is a lifestyle, not a gadget.
Subjects: Gaming, London, Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: mobile community, Bridget Jones, Helen Fielding
Chapter: Wireless Quilts

Title: okupi
Abstract or Excerpt: okupi is a London-based interactive design and consultancy company. okupi has been involved with the internet and with software for over six years. The expertise accumulated makes us creative, versatile and practical across many fields. Whether it is the creation of online games, new software tools, online communities or 3D environments we can work with a broad range of people to design the right user centred experience for the education, business and entertainment arenas. okupi focuses on people, places and learning. For this reason we have been commissioned by some of the major brands in Europe, by institutions and by manufacturers, to develop a diverse range of projects that have learning value at their very core.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Gaming, London, Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Chapter: Wireless Quilts

Title: Microsoft puts Web server on a phone
Author: Will Knight
Publication: CNET
Publication Date: 4/5/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Researchers at Microsoft's laboratories in Cambridge, England, have managed to squeeze a minuscule Web server onto a smart card for a GSM mobile phone.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Mobile Phones, Privacy, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: WebCamSIM, GSM, Microsoft, web server, smart card, security
Chapter: Wireless Quilts

Title: ((!))ZagMe
Abstract or Excerpt: ZagMe is a wireless marketing tool that lets retailers use text messages to attract shoppers to their stores. It was first tested at Lakeside shopping centre in Essex last year.
Subjects: Location Sensitive Devices (LSD), London, Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: advertising, shopping buddy, m-commerce applications
Chapter: Wireless Quilts

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