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Title: Grip Studios Interactive (Mobile Rome )
Abstract or Excerpt: Grip Studios Interactive was founded in 1996 as Wizbang Productions in Helsinki, Finland. Initially a two-man startup designing and developing new media productions for clients in Finland, the company began game development for Internet sites and mobile phones in 1999.
Subjects: Gaming, Handhelds, Helsinki, Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: WAP, Finland, Grip Studios, Mobile Rome, mobile entertainment

Title: The WAP Group - networking in the wireless space
Abstract or Excerpt: The WAP Group is the world's largest platform for facilitating business in the wireless space.
Subjects: Handhelds, Location Sensitive Devices (LSD), Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: WAP, wireless

Title: Letter from Nebraska: Wiring the World
Author: Steve Cisler
Publication: First Monday, volume 6, number 5 (May 2001)
Abstract or Excerpt: Wiring small town America.
Subjects: Wireless
Keywords: Nebraska, rural, inequities in connectivity, network

Title: Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy
Author: Joseph A. Schumpeter
Publication: New York: Harper, 1975 [orig. pub. 1942]

Title: Digital Copyright
Author: Jessica Litman
Publication: New York: Prometheus Books, 2001

Title: Picofun launches world's first entertainment application for GPRS
Publication Date: 6/15/2000
Abstract or Excerpt: Swedish mobile entertainment company Picofun today introduced the first interactive, multi-user game for GPRS-phones, named Picofun Football.
Subjects: Gaming, Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: GPRS, Picofun Football, Ericsson, entertainment, gaming, Mobile Applications Initiative (MAI)

Title: Groupware Grows Up
Author: Jason Compton
Publication: ZDNet
Publication Date: 3/19/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: New features and technologies are available for collaboration by two-or more. Here's an update on the survival of the fittest.
Subjects: Handhelds, Mobile Phones, Ubiquitous Computing, Wireless
Keywords: groupware, collaborative software, collaboration, Bluetooth

Title: Goodbye Lucent, Hello Wi-Fi
Author: Andy Kessler
Publication: The Wall Street Journal
Publication Date: 4/9/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Lucent's lesson? Get too comfortable with high margins, a near-$80 stock price, and lending to customers and you'll soon get hammered. Today, Lucent finds itself selling high-end gear that no one needs anymore.
Subjects: Wireless
Keywords: Lucent, Wi-Fi, networks, 802.11, 3G

Title: Bluetooth Bites Information Retrieval
Author: Maryellen M. Allen
Publication: Online Inc.
Publication Date: 5/1/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Futurists and sci-fi buffs have long envisaged a world of wireless communication through a small portable device, be it a watch or gadget loaded special eyewear. A new enabling technology standard which has the potential to make this vision a reality is Bluetooth.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, Privacy, Wireless
Keywords: Bluetooth, network, IEEE 802.11b, security

Title: Got Toast?
Abstract or Excerpt: An international resource for information on wireless networks
Subjects: Wireless
Keywords: Community based networks, 802.11b, network, wireless LAN

Title: Hotel chain gets wireless Net hook-up
Author: Rachel Konrad
Publication: ZDNet News
Publication Date: 7/30/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: The Four Seasons Resort, long known for pampering guests with Jack Nicklaus golf courses and French buffets, hopes to spoil business travellers with its newest luxury: wireless Internet access.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Wireless
Keywords: hotel chain, WiFi, 802.11b

Title: Beyond the Wireless Bubble
Author: Ian Wylie
Publication: Fast
Publication Date: 3/1/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Kenny Hirschhorn, executive VP of strategy, imagineering, and futurology at Orange PLC, a leading European telecom company, is betting that he knows what's next for wireless access to the Internet.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Location Sensitive Devices (LSD), London, Mobile Phones, Ubiquitous Computing, Wireless
Keywords: Kenny Hirschhorn, Orange, Imagination, Futurist, imagineering, convergence

Title: Consume
Abstract or Excerpt: Consume is a collaborative strategy for the self provision of a broadband telecommunications infrastructure.
Subjects: London, Wireless
Keywords: Avon Huxor, consume, node database, network

Title: Information-Savvy Sweden Offers a Glimpse Into the Future of The Mobile Internet
Author: Alan Goldstein
Publication: Dallas Morning News
Publication Date: 3/29/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: The Future of The Mobile Internet|Within a few weeks, the streets here will become the scene of a sophisticated virtual reality game, thanks to the latest in location-sensing technology for wireless phones. In the game being released this spring by a start-up called It's Alive, players will track and shoot each other with their cell phones in a kind of high-tech paint ball. Players scanning the landscape may see the shops and cafes lining the cobbled, winding lanes of the city's old Gamla Stan section. But their cell phone screens will indicate they've stumbled on a secret network for aliens trying to take over the world.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Gaming, Handhelds, Location Sensitive Devices (LSD), Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: 911, Sweden, Ericsson, It's Alive, mobile Internet, i-mode, always-on, DoCoMo

Title: Quios Incorporated, Personal Mobile Community
Abstract or Excerpt: Quios, a leading mobile Internet company, offers its robust wireless turnkey business solutions to enterprises and wireless carriers worldwide. Quios continues to build upon its unprecedented expertise in enabling companies with quick, effective, and secure integration of wireless solutions into new or existing IT infrastructures, as hosted or private-label applications.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: Personal Mobile Community, My Quios

Title: MTV Asia Works with ITERU to Create Unique Mobile Interactive TV Program to Be Aired Across Asia
Author: ITERU
Publication: Press Release
Publication Date: 9/29/2000
Abstract or Excerpt: ITERU, a mobile communications company, has announced today it is working with MTV Networks Asia to create a revolutionary new interactive TV program called U-Pop.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET)Mobile Phones, SMS
Keywords: MTV, ITERU, U-Pop, mobile communication, interaction, WAP, Mobile Interactive TV in Asia, Nokia

Title: Ericsson Mobile E-Service
Abstract or Excerpt: Ericsson aims to be the ultimate strategic partner for mobile e-services to automotive manufacturers by creating an e-Services network according to customers requirements, using our long experience in building large-scale mobile networks and using existing products within Ericsson's product lines.
Subjects: Handhelds, Location Sensitive Devices (LSD), Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: mobile e-services, automotive, open standards, telematics, vehicles, convergence, Ericsson, Bluetooth, WAP

Title: Man Controls House While Walking Dog
Publication: Incisor
Publication Date: 3/1/1999
Abstract or Excerpt: Mr. Risto Linturi is the initiator of Helsinki Arena 2000, an ambitious project to create a 'virtual' Helsinki, developing a virtual city in cyberspace interconnecting its citizens, businesses and government. The project is led by a consortium of Helsinki Telephone, the city's government and others, with Mr. Linturi serving as the chief conceptual designer for the project. Mr. Linturi has also been active in the Finnish Information Superhighway Group, National Information Society Forum, UNESCO Inforights Committee, and the Australian Virtual Opportunity Group, among other groups and activities involving freedom of speech.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: Risto Linturi, Smart House, Helsinki Arena 2000, Bluetooth, remote control, home automation network

Title: Nokia keeps Finland mobile
Author: Richard Quest
Publication: Time Magazine, June 4, 2001, Vol.157 No.22
Publication Date: 6/4/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Finland has more mobile phones per person than any other country, and the main reason seems to be Nokia.
Subjects: Mobile Phones
Keywords: Nokia, Finland, Risto Linturi

Title: LightSurf places a tiny camera on a cell phone able to take and send pictures to other cell phones
Publication: GSMBOX
Publication Date: 7/10/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Mr. Kahn, founder of LightSurf, one of the largest technology software company in the world, is about to launch and to market a wireless technology, he has recently developed, which allows people to use their cell phones to take digital photographs (and attach personal voice messages to the photos they send) that can be instantly transmitted over wireless networks to other cell phones. This technology will adapt the photo to the receiving device (PC or a handheld computer, or another cell phone).
Subjects: Japan, Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: LightSurf, camera, DoCoMo

Title: Worldwide Wireless LAN Market Forecast and Analysis, 1999-2004
Author: Katrina Dahlquist and Jason Smolek
Publication: IDC Report #23431
Publication Date: 12/1/2000
Abstract or Excerpt: This report forecasts the worldwide wireless LAN (WLAN) market through 2004, analyzing the key market, industry, and technology trends that will impact the market's development throughout the forecast period.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: Wireless LANs, WLAN, Bluetooth, Bluetooth special interst group (SIG), networks

Title: Bluetooth Notes
Author: Various
Publication: Wireless Business & Technology, March/April 2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Bluetooth is a technology designed to enable short-range wireless communication. The design goal is low power consumption for cheap, portable devices. It uses radio to transmit and receive data. Dr. Sven Mattisson and Dr. Jaap Haartesen are two of the inventors of the basic radio technology that ultimately led to the foundation of the Bluetooth specification.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: wireless Internet, Bluetooth, Ericsson, Bluetooth history

Title: Bluetooth Security
Author: Juha T. Vainio
Publication: Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Helsinki University of Technology
Publication Date: 5/25/2000
Abstract or Excerpt: Bluetooth is a way of connecting machines to each other without cables or any other physical medium. It uses radio waves to transfer information, so it is very susceptible to attacks. This paper first gives some background information about Bluetooth system and security issues in ad hoc networks, then it concentrates on specific security measures in Bluetooth, mainly authentication, encryption, key management and ad hoc aspects. Then it points out flaws and possible security holes in the Bluetooth Security Specification.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, Privacy, Wireless
Keywords: Bluetooth, radio waves, security, ad hoc networks, Bluetooth Security Specification

Title: Tall, No-Foam Internet, with Plenty of Room
Author: Glenn Fleishman
Publication: 802.11 Planet
Publication Date: 8/1/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Two years ago, when CEO Howard Schultz uttered the words "Starbucks" and "Internet" in the same breath, his company's stock dropped 25 percent, and he quickly backpedaled. The coffee brewer's latest venture in cyberspace, announced in January 2001 and soft launched starting in late May, avoids a scalding by shouting "partnership" and whispering "Internet."
Subjects: Wireless
Keywords: wireless Starbucks, MobileStar Network Corp., coffee

Title: Group awareness in Bluetooth
Author: Jarmo Parkkinen and Kristiina Karvonen
Publication: Presented at the Third International Workshop on Networked Appliances (IWNA'2001), March 1-2, 2001 Singapore
Abstract or Excerpt: Bluetooth-technology enables objects to communicate with each other, humans to communicate with each other, and humans to communicate with objects. This paper discusses some possible ways to develop context awareness to enhance the Bluetooth-devices ability to "guess" the groups that Bluetooth (end) user is seeing and using at each moment.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: context awareness, communication, Bluetooth, mental model, trust

Title: Park bench goes online
Publication: BBC News
Publication Date: 8/6/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Surfing outdoors is taking on a new meaning with the launch of the world's first internet-enabled park bench. "The cyber-seat, installed in public gardens in Suffolk, UK, allows up to four people to log on to the web at the same time. The bench, created by Microsoft's MSN service, will be free to use during the three-month pilot period. Users simply plug their laptop into the modem sockets concealed in the inside arms of the bench, power up, and go online. The bench, in the abbey gardens of Bury St Edmunds, has been created in partnership with the local council."
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Ubiquitous Computing, Wireless
Keywords: cyber-seat, Bury St Edmunds, bench, park, Microsoft's MSN service

Title: Mobile Messaging: Not in the USA
Author: Elisa Batista
Publication: Wired Magazine
Publication Date: 6/11/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: People are saving lives, falling in love, even tattling over it. Then why is the SMS craze in Europe and Asia not making it on the other side of the puddle?
Subjects: Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: GSM, CDMA, TDMA

Title: Motley Crew Beams No-Cost Broadband to New York: High Speed, Freed
Author: Peter Meyers
Publication: The Village Voice, August 15 - 21, 2001
Abstract or Excerpt: "This is why I love New York," says Anthony Townsend, standing in the middle of Washington Square Park, holding his laptop computer like a butler's tray and scanning the adult playground the place becomes on hot summer evenings. Where else, he asks, can you walk around with a computer, surf the Web, and go utterly unnoticed?
Subjects: Cooperation, Emerging Technologies (ET), Wireless
Keywords: digital commons, War driving, WiFi, NYCwireless, free-network community, Terry Schmidt, Next-Wave, Anthony Townsend, volunteers, networks

Title: Use a Surplus Primestar Dish as an IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networking Antenna
Author: Rob Frohne
Publication: Dr. Rob Frohne's web site, Walla Walla College, Washington
Abstract or Excerpt: Primestar was recently purchased by Direct TV who is phasing out all the Primestar equipment. This means that the dishes are being trashed, and are available for other uses such as the one I describe here. It is easy to make a surplus Primestar dish into a highly directional antenna for the very popular IEEE 802.11 wireless networking. The resulting antenna has about 22 db of gain, and is fed with 50-ohm coaxial cable. Usually LMR400 or 9913 low loss cable is used if the source is more than a few feet from the antenna. The range using two of these antennas with a line of sight path is around 10 miles at full bandwidth. I must stress the line of sight part though. Leaves really attenuate the signal. Things You Will Need: 1. A Primestar dish. 2. A juice can (about 4 inches in diameter and at least 8 inches long). 3. A chassis mount N connector. 4. You will also need a "pigtail" connector, which has the proprietary Lucent connector (for the PCMCIA card) on one end and an N connector on the other. The pigtail can be obtained from a number of online stores for $35 to $40.
Subjects: Wireless
Keywords: Apple's Airport, Primestar, Direct TV

Title: Valis Mobile Community
Abstract or Excerpt: Valis, a leading developer of content and community tools for cellular media, announced that the Motorola Israel-backed wireless operator Mirs has launched its advanced cellular community service cellmaZe, offering Mirs customers the world's first location-based cellular community. This new wireless application allows friends to communicate, stay in touch, find out each other's whereabouts and share information through the world's first location-based cellular community.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Location Sensitive Devices (LSD), Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: cellmaZe, world's first location-based cellular community, Israel, Valis, network, community tools

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