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Title: Hold the phone: Robert Tercek and PacketVideo Think Media Convergence is Headed for Your Cell Phone
Author: John Geirland
Publication Date: 12/20/1999
Abstract or Excerpt: If Robert Tercek has it right, ground zero for media convergence won't be the morphing of your PC and television. The ultimate convergence appliance will be the battered cell phone buried in your purse or briefcase -- or at least a future generation of it. Tercek, 36, is so convinced of the centrality of wireless mobile devices in our content future that he is leaving a cushy position as senior vice president of digital media for Sony Pictures Entertainment to become president of Packet Video Networks, the content division for PacketVideo.
Subjects: Handhelds, Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: PacketVideo, Robert Tercek, convergence, Video to Mobile Devices, mobile wireless, networks, Blue Tooth, MPEG 4

Title: Webraska
Abstract or Excerpt: Webraska is the worldwide provider of wireless navigation, mapping and traffic information services and technologies for telecom operators and car manufacturers. Webraska was established in 1998 based on a vision of the opportunities generated by the convergence of Internet, mobile telecommunications and in-car navigation technology.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Handhelds, Location Sensitive Devices (LSD), Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: Europe, convergence, wireless navigation

Title: NoCat Community Wireless Network Project
Abstract or Excerpt: We are working to build a community supported 802.11b wireless network in Sonoma County, CA. We are actively developing WRP (a linux distribution-on-a-floppy that provides wireless support) and NoCat, the centralized authentication code to make shared internet services possible. This site is the central repository for our software, ideas, and information on building wireless networks.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: wireless network, 802.11b, NoCat, Sonoma County, CA, wireless gateway, WRP

Title: War driving by the Bay
Author: Kevin Poulsen
Publication: The Register
Publication Date: 4/13/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Probably the first article about "War Driving", or the technique of driving around, looking for unsecured 802.11b networks.
Subjects: Wireless
Keywords: 802.11b, War Driving, network, 802.11, wireless network security, War dialing

Title: Wireless Images: Worth a Thousand Words?
Author: Maija Pesola
Publication: The Wireless Word (
Publication Date: 8/24/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Whether it is the mythical 'killer' app or not, the evidence seems to be growing that picture messaging will be an important feature of wireless services. Yet another survey published last week bore this out, claiming that 80 per cent of the people it polled were interested in photo and video messaging, and would use these services daily or weekly.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: picture messaging, camera-phones, J-Phone, Comverse

Title: Advanced Networking with Minority-Serving Institutions (AN-MSI) Tribal College Wireless Project
Publication: AN-MSI
Abstract or Excerpt: One of the subgoals of the AN-MSI project is to explore the effectiveness of wireless technology to provide solutions to data and voice transmission problems at minority-serving institutions and their respect reservations. One of the strategies that the project will employ to reach this subgoal is to test various wireless applications at one or more Tribal Colleges & Universities (TCUs).
Subjects: Cooperation, Wireless
Keywords: minority-serving institutions, reservations, digital divide

Title: High Performance Wireless Research and Education Network (HPWREN)
Abstract or Excerpt: The High Performance Wireless Research and Education Network (HPWREN) team is creating, demonstrating, and evaluating a non-commercial, prototype, high-performance, wide-area, wireless network in San Diego county. The NSF-funded network includes backbone nodes on the UC San Diego campus and a number of "hard to reach" areas in San Diego county. Not only is HPWREN is used for network analysis research, but the network also provides high-speed Internet access to field researchers from several disciplines (geophysics, astronomy, ecology) and educational opportunities for rural Native American learning centers and schools.
Subjects: Cooperation, Wireless
Keywords: networks, HPWREN, NSF, La Jolla reservation, HP Digital Village

Title: Research Network Brings Wireless Internet to Native American Reservations
Author: National Science Foundation
Publication Date: 2/8/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Researchers at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) are using the latest solar-powered wireless technology to help a pair of Native American tribes bridge the digital divide.
Subjects: Cooperation, Wireless
Keywords: digital divide, Native American, solar-powered, La Jolla, Pala, HPWREN, reservations, solar arrays, learning centers

Title: Single-Number Plan Raises Privacy Fears
Author: Jube Shiver Jr.
Publication: Los Angeles Times
Publication Date: 9/2/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: A controversial technology under development by the communications industry that links Internet addresses with phone numbers has quietly picked up key government support as concern mounts among critics that the technology will broadly undermine privacy. The technology, known as e-number, or ENUM, would link phone numbers to codes that computer servers use to route traffic on the Web. Proponents say the technology would improve communication for consumers and marketers alike.
Subjects: Privacy, Surveillance
Keywords: ENUM, e-number, communications convergence, Internet telephony, NeuStar Inc., Verisign, Electronic Privacy Information Center

Title: 'Parasitic grid' wireless movement may threaten telecom profits
Author: Ephraim Schwartz
Publication: InfoWorld
Publication Date: 8/24/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: An Underground Movement to deploy free wireless access zones in metropolitan areas is taking hold. If it turns out to be successful, wireless network operators may be fighting against a grounds-up movement that could undermine their multibillion-dollar campaign to offer next-generation 3G (third-generation) wireless services in major metro areas.
Subjects: Cooperation, Wireless
Keywords: next-generation 3G, free metro wireless data network, parasitic grid, multiple wireless-served areas, 802.11b, VoIP, digital divide

Title: Dwango Develops a Complete Online RPG Featuring the Era of the Japanese Warlords
Publication: Dwango Co. Ltd.
Publication Date: 1/18/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Dwango starts service January 26 for a new Java-enabled´┐Ż I-mode game 'Samurai Romanesque' to coincide with the release of I-mode cellular phone 503i weries.
Subjects: Gaming, Japan, Wireless
Keywords: I-mode, Samurai Romanesque, Dwango, RPG, role playing game, samurai, MMP (Massive Multi-Player)

Title: Son of paperclip
Publication: The Economist
Publication Date: 3/22/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Mobile Manager has an almost telepathic ability to distinguish junk mail from genuinely important messages. Mobile Manager evaluates incoming e-mails on a user's PC and decides which are important enough to forward to a pager, mobile phone or other e-mail address.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: Mobile Manager, Microsoft Outlook, Bayesian decision-making system, Priorities, filtering system

Title: The Pursuit
Publication: The Economist
Publication Date: 9/14/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Using western technology against the West. "The suicide pilots who crashed into the World Trade Centre have been identified as Muhammad Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi, two Muslim friends who studied together in Germany and learned to fly in Florida. Mr Atta was on American Airlines Flight 11, and is thought to have been the man who steered it cold-bloodedly into the north tower of the World Trade Centre. Mr al-Shehhi is believed to be the man who steered United Airlines Flight 175 into the south tower eighteen minutes later. The investigation has revealed how vulnerable an open, liberal, capitalist society can be."
Subjects: Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: WTC, World Trade Center, terrorism, hijacking

Title: The Joy of Text
Publication: The Economist
Publication Date: 9/13/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: What are the implications of text messaging for "third-generation" mobile phones? After a five-month delay, the world's first commercial "third-generation" (3G) mobile-phone service is to be launched on October 1st in Japan by NTT DoCoMo, the country's main mobile operator. Elsewhere, 3G remains a distant dream. But mobile-phone users in many countries (although few in America) already use another data service, more primitive but hugely popular: text messaging. Hence a question for would-be 3G operators outside Japan: is "texting" the bridge to the future, or an alternative?
Subjects: Japan, Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: NTT DoCoMo, third-generation, 3G, stats on sms and phones, Enhanced Message Service, Multimedia Message Service, Simon Buckingham

Title: Native Networking Trends: Wireless Broadband Networks
Author: Kade L. Twist
Publication: The Digital Beat, Benton Foundation
Publication Date: 9/20/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: The article describes a project that provided three Indian reservations near San Diego with wireless broadband connectivity. The collaboration between UC San Diego and the Southern California Tribal Chairman Association has attracted additional funding from HP's Digital Village Program doubling the original NSF allocation. This will allow the network to expand to connect 18 reservations to the Internet and also educational facilities. The network sports a 45mbps wireless backbone with 802.11b uplinks.

Title: Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny
Author: Robert Wright
Publication: Vintage Books: 2000
Abstract or Excerpt: p. 146 The point isn't that any one useful idea is, strictly speaking, certain to spread, or certain to be reborn if extinguished. The point is, that the more useful the idea, the more likely both spreading and rebirth are. And as the spread of useful ideas raises the world's population, and raises intellectual synergy via improved communication and transport, these likelihoods grow all the more, until finally they do approach certainty. Increasingly, societies resemble large, thick brains, their neurons spreading incremental innovation rapidly and reliably, spurring further innovation.
Subjects: Cooperation

Title: Free wireless Net access for the masses
Author: Paul Festa
Publication: CNET
Publication Date: 9/26/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Tim Pozar used to speak only rarely to his neighbors in San Francisco's foggy Sunset district, but that changed the day he hung out a wireless antenna and welcomed the world to use his high-speed Internet line.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Wireless
Keywords: Bay Area Wireless Users Group (BAWUG), Tim Pozar, 802.11b, Wi-Fi, last-mile, war-driving, 802.1x

Title: When Population Density is a Plus
Author: Sam Joseph
Publication: J@pan.Inc (June 2001 issue)
Abstract or Excerpt: Developments in cellphones and other wireless technologies seem to be converging, if recent initiatives are anything to go by. The US's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is working on a "soldier's radio" designed to provide communication on the battlefield in the absence of relay towers and other communications infrastructure. The mobile-communications program intends to use high-capacity, low-power radios linked by a "self-configuring" network to keep soldiers connected with each other. The architecture has been described as a "mobile, ad hoc, peer-to-peer network" that uses frequency-hopping technology to avoid communication intercepts and location-finding capability. DARPA has plans to demonstrate the infantry radio concept in the field as early as next summer, but it's not the only one with this idea.
Subjects: Japan, Mobile Phones, P2P, Ubiquitous Computing, Wireless
Keywords: DARPA, Cybiko Inc., MeshNetworks, Bluetooth, Korea

Title: P2P: The Japanese Angle/How the emerging P2P scene in Japan could mix with the country's ubiquitous mobile phones to create a pocket-pocket, person-to-person, impossible-to-monitor network
Author: Sam Joseph
Publication: J@pan.Inc. (April 2001 issue)
Abstract or Excerpt: AT AROUND THE TIME P2P (peer to peer) surfaced as a term to describe the Napster/Gnutella file-sharing software, I was busy getting ground down under the wheels of a Japanese B2B Internet startup. In my brief moments of lucidity (usually just before or after a major business model rethink), I was trying to figure out if there wasn't some way to set up a Net business without the huge investment required for development and hardware. P2P seemed to offer a solution to some of those problems in that instead of buying or renting huge server farms, you could outsource data storage to the network and even personalize a service more effectively.
Subjects: Handhelds, Japan, Mobile Phones, P2P, SMS, Ubiquitous Computing, Wireless
Keywords: Jnutella, Korea,

Title: In a Pinch, Wi-Fi Fills the Gap
Author: Peter Meyers
Publication: New York Times
Publication Date: 10/4/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: An example of cooperation in times of trouble.
Subjects: Cooperation, Emerging Technologies (ET), Wireless
Keywords: WTC, Wi Fi, 802.11b, NYCWireless

Title: Upoc User Communities
Abstract or Excerpt: These are groups of people who meet through the service and create entirely virtual communities. They make persistent friendships, share various parts of their lives with other members, and participate in a rich mix of virtual social activities. Their mobile communities tend to be separated from their real social lives, and there are only scattered examples of these people meeting in real life (one couple has gotten married, a few share info on parties with one another).
Subjects: New York, Wireless
Keywords: Upoc, chat, community

Title: City turns on fast wireless internet
Author: Angelique Chrisafis
Publication: The Guardian
Publication Date: 10/31/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Manchester is to become the first city in the world to have high speed, wireless internet access at restaurants, pubs and coffee shops.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: Bluetooth, Manchester

Title: Cingular adds to US caution over 3G technology
Author: Richard Waters
Publication Date: 10/30/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Cingular Wireless, the second-biggest US mobile communications company, said it had no plans to develop full third-generation high-speed wireless services, adding to the scepticism in the US about a technology that many European and Asian companies are rushing to use.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: Cingular Wireless, GSM, US,

Title: Motorola predicts only limited 3G networks until 2004
Author: Caroline Daniel
Publication Date: 10/26/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Third generation mobile phone networks will not see mass market deployment until 2004 and are unlikely to be built nationwide, according to an executive at Motorola, the US mobile phone and equipment vendor.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: Motorola, 3G

Title: IrishWAN
Abstract or Excerpt: To link people in countrywide communities together, and then link the communities together to form a nationwide wireless network. "Communities: We will soon have maps showing the location of the networks below, and the planned coverage, as well as the location of interested people (useful for planning a WAN). Carlow - Cork - Dublin - Limerick - Waterford - Wexford -"
Subjects: Wireless
Keywords: Irish, WAN, IEEE802.11b, FreeNetwork

Title: Phil Agre Notes on Wireless Design, Mobile Phones, Post-Napster (record one)
Author: Phil Agre
Publication: Red Rock Eater News Service
Publication Date: 10/7/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: As part of my program of not letting terrorists run my life, I have written some notes on wireless design, transparency, the post-Napster universe, and the concept of an institution. I hope they're useful.
Subjects: Japan, Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: cell phone, functionality, personal technologies, RFID, WAP, text messaging

Title: The City Transformed
Author: Jeff Goldman
Publication: TheFeature
Publication Date: 11/22/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Wireless technology is making slow but significant changes in the way we use the urban spaces around us.
Subjects: Japan, Mobile Phones, New York, Wireless
Keywords: 802.11b, NYCwireless, Anthony Townsend, urban space use, urban planning

Title: Unwiring the Web
Author: Erika Jonietz
Publication: Technology Review
Publication Date: 12/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Community-owned wireless networks are gaining popularity-and could help bridge the digital divide.
Subjects: Cooperation, Emerging Technologies (ET), Mobile Phones, New York, Wireless
Keywords: digital divide, NYCwireless, Anthony Townsend, wireless network

Title: "Mesh radio" can deliver super-fast internet for all
Author: Barry Fox
Publication: New Scientist
Publication Date: 11/21/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: A new type of high-capacity wireless network called mesh radio will get its first users early in 2002 - a hundred lucky households in Cardiff, Wales.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Wireless
Keywords: Mesh radio, Cardiff, Wales, high-capacity wireless network

Title: WirelessAnarchy - Wireless projects by cities and citizens
Abstract or Excerpt: WirelessAnarchy is about creating your own long range infrastructure, without having to pay anyone or jump through government hoops. Cheaply and easily, using off the shelf equipment, and a little ingenuity, you too can create your own net. It's wireless, its anarchy, it's your ISP's worst nightmare.
Subjects: Wireless
Keywords: WirelessAnarchy

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