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Title: IM Wave
Abstract or Excerpt: imwave is creating automated "application-to-customer" instant messaging software that enables eCRM and eCommerce programs to directly communicate with customers over current and future instant messaging platforms. As instant messaging continues to develop into a mainstream communications channel, companies need new applications to enable them to take advantage of this instant messaging wave. imwave's applications will help companies increase revenues and profitability by closing sales typically abandoned in online shopping carts and by reducing the amount of customer service staff needed in call centers.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Handhelds, Location Sensitive Devices (LSD), Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: instant messaging, mobile commerce,

Title: MessageVine
Abstract or Excerpt: Makers of scalable, brandable IM servers that talk to a variety of wireless and wired clients. MessageVine is the leading worldwide provider of private-label Instant Messaging server products, delivering completely branded and customised carrier-scale wireless and wireline IM solutions to wireless carriers, telcos and ISPs. MessageVine's products, designed with open architecture that integrates with the full array of back-end systems, enable its customers to extend their brands and maintain constant communication with their subscribers.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Handhelds, Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: IM, Wireless Village, scalable, interoperable, SMS, WAP, i-mode

Abstract or Excerpt: Aimed at businesses, allows subscibers to send SMS to mobile phones and alpha-numeric pagers from email. Also, the other way around, people can SMS you, and it arrives in your email. Mobe.Net is a service that enables corporates to send SMS messages by email. By using the convenience of email it is very easy to integrate this functionality into existing systems without any additional software or training being necessary. Companies are able to communicate to employees, clients or prospective clients from immediate effect and have the ability to contact large numbers of people with one click!
Subjects: Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless

Title: Philips and Sun Microsystems Collaborate in Building MPEG-4 Solutions for Broadband Streaming, Video-on-Demand and Mobile Wireless Markets
Author: Press Release
Publication: Yahoo! Finance
Publication Date: 3/19/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Philips and Sun Micro have announced a collaborative agreement to work together on creating solutions for the MP4 streaming video market, combining Philips video encoder and Sun servers. The video will be IP streamable to desktops, video-on-demand, and wireless clients.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Wireless
Keywords: Philips, Sun, MPEG-4, open standards, network, streaming multimedia, video

Title: No strings means big business
Author: Jerry Borrell
Publication: UPSIDE magazine
Publication Date: 2/17/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Problems associated with installing the infrastructure needed for wirless communications in Europe.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Handhelds, Japan, Location Sensitive Devices (LSD), Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: 3G, infrastructure, i-mode, Nokia, text messaging, m-commerce, GPS, wearable devices, 4G terminals, Memory Stick, telephony

Title: Freever, Nextenso And Alcatel launch MobiChat - the first 'ready-to-go' service to combine mobile chat and localisation
Author: Press Release
Publication Date: 11/10/2000
Abstract or Excerpt: A unique new mobile communications service called MobiChat has been launched by the wireless value-added service developer Freever, and the Alcatel subsidiary Nextenso, who provide software for creating multi-device internet portals.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: Alcatel, Nextenso, Freever, MobiChat

Title: flyingdrum
Abstract or Excerpt: Web site to send SMS messages.
Subjects: Handhelds, Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless

Title: Ad hoc networks ascend to the airwaves
Author: Patrick Mannion
Publication: EE Times
Publication Date: 2/26/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Talks about the trials and tribulations of the implementation of IEEE-802.11b and Bluetooth. Ad hoc networking, as a holy grail of product manufacturers, where objects are able to talk to each other and share resources, is only slowly coming to pass. Bluetooth is still having major technological issues, although over 2000 vendors are going to be offering products. Other technologies are HomeRF, which made up more than 80% of the wireless home networking products sold in 2000, and other formats, such as orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM), which some vendors are trying to get the FCC to allow within the 2.45 Ghz band.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Handhelds, Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: ad hoc networks, Bluetooth, FCC, OFDM, 802.11b, interoperability

Title: Yakara Plc
Publication Date: 2/20/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Founded in 1995, Yakara provides scalable solutions that deliver real business benefits to our customers. Its flagship product, m-groups, is the most scalable mobile community value-added-service available today for mobile carriers, virtual operators, Internet service providers and portals.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, P2P, Wireless
Keywords: mobile community, P2P communication, m-groups

Title: Invisible city
Author: Richard C. Morais
Publication: Forbes Global
Publication Date: 3/19/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Wireless application creator, Digia, has and is creating a wide array of tools and toys to be used in Arabianranta - Helsinki's "Virtual Village" - where there is major funding to create a wireless village as an experimental lookout station for designing wireless lifestyles. The company has major backers, including hardware and backbone providers, and has plans to continue growth by coming up with new and novel ways of giving wireless users data and applications.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Handhelds, Helsinki, Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: Helsinki Virtual Village, Digia, Symbian mobile data platform, Pekka Sivonen

Title: Wireless Phone and Palm Are United in Smartphone
Author: Walter S. Mossberg
Publication: Wall Street Journal
Publication Date: 3/8/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: The Kyocera Smartphone puts a Palm PDA into a cellphone, rather than the Palm/Visor, making an add-on to the PDA, or current generation cellphones using WAP-esque menus.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Handhelds, Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: Kyocera, PDA, Smartphone, Palm

Title: The Social Life of Routers: Applying Knowledge of Human Networks to the Design of Computer Networks
Author: Valdis Krebs
Publication: The Internet Protocol Journal, Cisco Publications
Publication Date: 12/1/2000
Abstract or Excerpt: We often forget that computer networks are put in place to support human networks -- person-to-person exchanges of information, knowledge, ideas, opinions, insights, and advice. This article looks at a technology that was developed to map and measure human networks -- social network analysis -- and applies some of its principles and algorithms to designing computer networks. And as we see more peer-to-peer (P2P) models of computer-based networks, the P2P metrics in human network analysis become even more applicable.
Subjects: P2P, Wireless
Keywords: social network analysis, routers, network, human networks

Title: Upoc Grabs $18 Million
Author: @NY Staff
Publication: @NY
Publication Date: 2/5/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Online wireless play Upoc has closed an $18 million B round of funding, topping the $12 million it was seeking in September. Originally, Upoc was seeking a $12 million B round of funding, but the company received an additional $6 million as investors grew interested in ASP marketplace opportunities.
Subjects: Handhelds, Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: Upoc, ASP

Title: $10 paper mobile phone to launch this year
Author: Linda Harrison
Publication: The Register
Publication Date: 1/19/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: US inventor plans to put a $10 disposable paper mobile phone on the market in the Q3 2001. It will be available as promotions, in vending machines, and in retail outlets. It is not aimed at business-folks, but rather plain folks. Also plans to put out paper laptops.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, Ubiquitous Computing, Wireless

Title: Science is all about networking
Author: Philip Ball
Publication: Nature
Publication Date: 1/12/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Discusses how researcher Mark Newman has found that in general, there are apporxoamtely 6 degrees of separation in the publishing networks between scientitsts. This is based on research performed by psychologist Stanley Milgram in his 1967 work, for which John Guare's play, "Six Degrees of Separation" was named.
Subjects: Cooperation, Sociology, Wireless
Keywords: Six Degrees of Separation, scientific community, Mark Newman, Stanley Milgram, social network, Erd�s

Title: A cell phone that beats DSL: Why this changes everything
Author: David Coursey
Publication: ZDNet AnchorDesk
Publication Date: 4/12/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Discusses how Sprint and Lucent have been testing 3G cell-phone connections that will have speeds of up to (2.4 mbps) greater that DSL, cable modem or T1. They plan to begin installation in 2002, with full implemetation by 2003. Also speaks about what the potential uses are for this technology.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Handhelds, Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: Sprint, Lucent

Title: Art with a message
Author: Sean Dodson
Publication: The Guardian
Publication Date: 4/19/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: New Media Artists are taking up SMS and other wireless technologies to see what they can say with them. They are also using SMS in art discussions, which allows shy members of the audience to join the conversation, and theater troupes to advertise their plays.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: art

Title: Manila's Talk of the Town Is Text Messaging
Author: Wayne Arnold
Publication: The New York Times
Publication Date: 7/5/2000
Abstract or Excerpt: Describes the text messaging fad in the Philippines before "texting" helped bring down the President of the Philippines.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: texting, Philippines, Filipinos, Generation Text, Smart Mobs

Title: Unbounded Architecture: Maharishi Sthapatya Veda Design Drives Local Housing Boom
Author: Bynne Sissom
Publication: Fairfield
Publication Date: 2/1/1998
Abstract or Excerpt: Around Fairfield, the desire for homes designed according to the ancient architectural system of Sthapatya Veda is booming. As new knowledge unfolds for living life in accord with natural law, the desire for beautiful buildings increases. Rogers Badgett says two things are driving the building boom. "People are beginning to have fulfilling experiences in these structures, whether they visit a friend's home or a business around town. And second, the successful businesses in town are allowing Fairfield residents to afford new homes."
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Wireless
Keywords: Mandala Project, Sthapatya Veda, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Title: Field of TM Dreams
Author: John W. Kennedy
Publication: Christianity Today
Publication Date: 1/8/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Fairfield, Iowa, of all places, is now a major world center for Transcendental Meditation, and local Christians are figuring out how best to evangelize Maharishi's devotees.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Wireless
Keywords: Fairfield, Iowa, Maharishi, Vedic City

Title: Spring 2001 Veda SM House Tours to Feature 100 Homes
Publication: Enlightenment Magazine, December 2000
Publication Date: 12/1/2000
Abstract or Excerpt: Developers envision a community linked by meditation and wireless networks in Vedic City. This article is a backgrounder.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Wireless
Keywords: Vedic City, Maharishi

Title: Nokia cell phone chat may compete with AOL
Author: John Borland
Publication: CNET
Publication Date: 9/1/2000
Abstract or Excerpt: Mobile phone giant Nokia released a new cell phone-based chat system today, which could ultimately compete with instant messaging efforts from America Online and a host of new start-ups. It's also developing a version of this Mobile Messenger for Nokia cell phones and the popular BlackBerry pagers.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: IM, chat, Nokia FriendsTalk

Title: Nokia Launches Mobile Chat Application
Author: Clint Boulton
Publication Date: 9/1/2000
Abstract or Excerpt: Gearing up for a new era in mobile messaging, wireless communications guru Nokia Networks Friday introduced a new mobile chat application to allow mobile operators to offer new messaging services for their subscribers.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: Nokia, Nokia FriendsTalk, mobile chat, social networks

Title: texer
Author: Xtempus Ltd
Publication Date: 7/12/2000
Abstract or Excerpt: texer chat is the UK's first interactive text chat service 4 your mobile phone. texer is a brand. It is the UK's first anonymous SMS chat service and a lot more.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: texer ringtones, texer chat, icons, SMS

Title: Quios
Abstract or Excerpt: By focusing on a core competence of SMS message delivery and utilising superior technology, Quios has emerged as the #1 provider of low cost, robust, high volume global SMS distribution.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless

Title: flyTXT
Abstract or Excerpt: Wireless marketing company, partnering with companies and agencies to provide outsourced data aquisition. flyTXT has developed Mobile Relevance, a permission-based time and location sensitive wireless customer acquisition and retention engine. The technology platform is designed to deliver marketing campaigns, produce detailed tracking reports, personalise messages, and open up an interactive reply loop.
Subjects: Location Sensitive Devices (LSD), Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: retention engine, Mobile Relevance

Title: iobox
Abstract or Excerpt: iobox is a pioneering Pan-European wireless portal with 4.3 million registered users. The company was launched in Helsinki, Finland in 1999 and its goal is to find, create and exploit opportunities for connecting the Internet and mobile communications. iobox operates in the UK, Spanish, German, Finnish and Swedish markets. The company's headquarters are in London, with technology and product development functions in Helsinki and Madrid. The portal's content, language and partners are always country specific.
Subjects: Handhelds, Helsinki, Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: WAP, PDA, Wireless Video

Abstract or Excerpt: An "Open Networking" project, originating with L0pht industries and apparently pre-dating many of the others (Seattle-Wireless, Consume the Net, et. al.). The earliest post on the home page is form 1998. They want to create a secure, wireless Internet connected network that is outside of the hands of governments, corporations or regulatory bodies.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: Alternative to the Internet

Title: The Hot New Medium: Paper
Author: Steve Silberman
Publication: Wired 9.04
Publication Date: 4/1/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: How the oldest interface in the book is redrawing the map of the networked world.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Ubiquitous Computing, Wireless
Keywords: Lund, Sweden, Christer F�hraeus, Anoto, Pervasive Computing, Bluetooth, convergence, digital pen, Ericsson, Nokia, Sweden, paper, digital paper, Chatpen

Title: Home-grown Wireless Networks
Author: Leander Kahney
Publication: TheFeature
Publication Date: 5/7/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: After spending billions on 3G spectrum licenses, telcos now face competition from grassroots initiatives aimed at providing fast, inexpensive bandwidth in the cities. But is it competition, or complementary?
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Handhelds, Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: networks, IEEE 802.11b, Wi-Fi, MobileStar, WayPort, Starbucks, AirWave, Seattle Wireless, Consume the Net, San Francisco's Bay Area Wireless User Group, Elektrosmog of Sweden

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