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Title: Ring Ring: 'How 'Bout a Date?'
Author: Michael Stroud
Publication: Wired
Publication Date: 5/29/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: To find that perfect someone, you might consider taking out an ad, checking the personals or joining some romance-oriented Internet chat group. But you almost certainly wouldn't turn to your cellular phone. Two Nordic companies are out to change that. Finland's Small Planet and Sweden's Blue Factory have turned the European obsession with sending text messages into services that allow thousands of mostly young people in Europe to flirt and set up a romantic rendezvous wirelessly and anonymously.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: Sweden, Finland, flirting, Sonera, Blue Factory, Small Planet, shyness

Title: Global Access Wireless Database (GAWD)
Abstract or Excerpt: GAWD is a search engine that allows you to find your nearest wireless access point (note: lat/long searching is in the works). It also allows you to search for access points based on provider such as PersonalTelco or Seattle Wireless.
Subjects: Wireless
Keywords: Wireless, Personal Telco, Seattle Wireless, Community

Title: Rethinking Wireless Internet with Smart Media
Author: Theo Kanter, Gerald Q. Maguire Jr., and Mark T. Smith
Abstract or Excerpt: Third-generation mobile networks (3G) will support the end-to-end delivery of IP to wireless end-devices. The cost of this infrastructure and the moderate data-rates that can be expected have lead to proposals for a mixed 3G and wireless LAN (WLAN) approach. WLAN delivers much higher data-rates, currently up to 11 Mbps (IEEE 802.11b). Field trials with public WLAN extensions to Gigabit Ethernet networks show outdoor coverage of several hundred meters. Our previous work demonstrated smart delivery of multimedia involving agents running in the mobile, the access point, and the content provider. This allowed us to dynamically adapt both the application and network behavior (to each other) in order to meet the criteria for specific applications. In this paper, we extend this approach by adding service knowledge meta-data to the multimedia content (creating so-called Smart Media) to take advantage of the fact that for non real-time media content, which needs ample bandwidth to deliver, there does not need to be a coupling between transfer rate and playout rate. This approach enables the agent to further free resources for the delivery of streaming media to mobile users. In light of this approach, we propose novel network topologies with WLAN access using Smart Media Packets, for which we examine the minimal requirements for delivering the services.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, Stockholm, Ubiquitous Computing, Wireless
Keywords: wireless LAN, Smart Media, Pervasive Computing, WLAN, media, smart

Title: Handheld Viruses Pack a Big Punch
Author: Mark Frauenfelder
Publication: The
Publication Date: 6/4/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Viruses got a huge boost when desktop computers began networking. Your handheld is next.
Subjects: Handhelds, Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: WAP, viruses, Symantec, Palm, Trojan horse

Title: Kenny Hirschhorn: Group director of strategy, imagineering, and futurology
Publication: Fast Talk London, Fast Company, November 2000
Abstract or Excerpt: Kenny Hirschhorn is Group Director of strategy, imagineering, and futurology at Orange. The challenge of guiding Orange, the wireless-network operator headquartered in London, up that curve was enough to tempt laid-back Californian Kenny Hirschhorn out of early retirement. Hirschhorn, who learned about wireless while working with Motorola in the Far East, is group director of strategy, imagineering, and futurology at Orange, where he is responsible for rolling out a string of R&D "imaginariums" in Silicon Valley; Cambridge, Massachusetts; Stockholm, Sweden; Tel Aviv, Israel; Singapore; and London.
Subjects: London, Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: Orange, Wireless Networks, Kenny Hirschhorn, imaginariums

Title: NextBus
Abstract or Excerpt: With your wireless phone or handheld Internet device, you have real arrival information at your fingertips. NextBus wireless service is available anywhere your device has coverage. NextBus is committed to bringing real arrival information to passengers when and where you need it the most.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Handhelds, Location Sensitive Devices (LSD), Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: NextBus, GPS, mass transit

Title: Freenet
Abstract or Excerpt: Freenet is a large-scale peer-to-peer network which pools the power of member computers around the world to create a massive virtual information store open to anyone to freely publish or view information of all kinds.
Subjects: Cooperation, P2P, Privacy, Wireless
Keywords: Freenet, Open Source, Ian Clark, distributed network

Title: 9 in 10 children have a mobile phone
Publication: The Guardian
Publication Date: 6/29/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Nine out of 10 children under the age of 16 have a mobile phone and 10% talk for more than 45 minutes every day, according to research published yesterday. "The figures show that 90% of those under 16 have a mobile, and over two-thirds have had it for between one and three years. While 77% of the 941 use their phone for less than 15 minutes per day, 5.4% speak for over an hour and 4.6% talk for more than 45 minutes daily."
Subjects: Handhelds, Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: Pupil Researcher Initiative (PRI), children, cell phone safety

Title: Wireless LANs Go Public
Author: Eric S. Brown
Publication: Technology Review
Publication Date: 6/18/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Wi-Fi wireless networks bring broadband access into the streets. "As the planned U.S. rollout of third generation, or 3G, mobile broadband services stalls, a different breed of wireless broadband technology is charging ahead. In coffee shops, hotels and airports around the world, "hotspots" of wireless local-area network Internet connectivity are popping up. For business travelers, they're a way to quickly go online without scouting out a dataport or fussing over wires. These public hotspots are based on the IEEE 802.11b wireless Ethernet standard (commonly known as Wi-Fi) that also is taking the business world by storm. They deliver Web access speeds of up to 11 megabits per second to users located within 50 to 150 meters of each radio beacon."
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: Wireless LANs, networks, Wi-Fi, MobileStar, IEEE 802.11b, 3G, Bluetooth

Title: Tune In, Turn On, BLIP Out
Author: Eric S. Brown
Publication: Technology Review
Publication Date: 6/19/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Just hanging around the mall? Ericsson's BLIP device wants to zap some info your way. Every billboard, storefront display and ticket counter is aching to reach out and touch someone. That's the idea behind Ericsson's Bluetooth Local Infotainment Point, a small, rune-shaped Bluetooth-enabled hub that can communicate with Bluetooth devices operating within 10 meters.
Subjects: Handhelds, Mobile Phones, Ubiquitous Computing, Wireless
Keywords: Bluetooth, Pervasive Computing, Ericsson, BLIP device, Wireless LANs, Wi-Fi, multimedia marketing presentations, advertising

Title: Internet at Burning Man 2000
Author: Oregon Country Fair Embassy Camp
Abstract or Excerpt: Working in conjunction with the Burning Man communications staff, our computer personnel will be providing the equipment and expertize needed to create a high speed satellite uplink to the Internet.
Subjects: Wireless
Keywords: Burning Man, Wireless LANs, networks

Title: Wireless Secrets and Lies
Author: James Ledbetter
Publication: Industry Standard
Publication Date: 6/25/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Wireless promises a bold future of mobile commerce and multimedia. But before we get there, the telecom industry will have to overcome 5 unspoken hurdles.
Subjects: Handhelds, Mobile Phones, Privacy, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: networks, Nokia, European, obstacles to wireless net, I-mode, Bluetooth, Windows XP, 802.11

Title: Phones hasten end to cash
Author: James Mackintosh
Publication Date: 6/27/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: If the recommended technology - supported by mobile makers Nokia, Ericsson and Siemens - catches on there will be no more fumbling for change at the till. Instead, a second chip inside the phone will act as a credit or debit card, communicating with tills over a built-in local network. "I don't expect to kill cash by next year, but hopefully eventually," said Liisa Kanniainen, vice-president of mobile banking at Nordea, the Scandinavian bank. Nordea is one of the founding members of the Mobey Forum, which will set out the suggested standards. The forum is also backed by the banks UBS, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas and Barclays, among others, and by Visa, the credit card network.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, Privacy, Wireless
Keywords: credit cards, network, banks, Nokia, Ericsson, Siemens, Nordea, Sim, Mobey Forum, m-commerce

Title: Neoku, Inc.
Abstract or Excerpt: Neoku, Inc. is a developer of user-driven content and service solutions designed for mobile device and wireless networks. Neoku, Inc. provides application development services to organizations that seek to define, rapidly prototype and deploy new mobile network services or extend their applications to mobile device users.
Subjects: Location Sensitive Devices (LSD), Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: networks, HaikuHaiku, Jay Bain, user-generated content, democratic storytelling vision, Art Exchange

Title: High tech and high touch: Wireless technology enables physicians to access patient updates from anywhere, 24/7
Publication Date: 7/10/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: A growing number of physicians at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center are consulting their Palm Pilots these days - for much more than their next patient's appointment. One doc uses the handy device to check a patient's lab test results on his way to grand rounds, while another uses hers to check a patient's surgery results at the airport. In either scenario, the doctors at Cedars-Sinai can now access a patient's medical information from anywhere - 24 hours a day. What they learn enables them to make time-sensitive medical decisions affecting their patients' care.
Subjects: Handhelds, Wireless
Keywords: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, physicians, doctors, Palm Pilot, Web/VS, digital certificate, Palm/VS

Title: Personal Telco Project
Abstract or Excerpt: Personal Telco is a grass roots effort to empower people to build the infrastructure through which their data flows. By creating, packaging and disseminating Open Source tools, documentation and community support we are building city wide networks which are open to, and maintained by, the public.
Subjects: Wireless
Keywords: Wireless Community, Portland Oregon Wireless Communities

Title: Comprehensive List of Wireless Communities Worldwide
Abstract or Excerpt: Wireless Communities are popping up all over the world. Here is a list of some of them.
Subjects: Wireless
Keywords: Wireless Networks

Title: Wireless Car
Abstract or Excerpt: WirelessCar combines the technological experience of Ericsson, a world-leader in wireless communications with the automotive strengths of Volvo Group, a major vehicle manufacturer, Telia, an innovative operator of fixed and wireless networks, and BrainHeart Capital, one of the world's largest venture capital companies.
Subjects: Emerging Technologies (ET), Location Sensitive Devices (LSD), Wireless
Keywords: Sweden, WirelessCar, Wireless Car Corporation, Ericsson, Volvo, wireless networks, BrainHeart Capital, Swedish

Title: Wireless + Car = an Unbeatable Combination
Author: Jan Sandred
Publication: Brain Heart Magazine
Abstract or Excerpt: People are no longer willing to be isolated in their cars. They now want to have the same access to information inside the car that they currently have outside the car.
Subjects: Location Sensitive Devices (LSD), Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: wireless car, Volvo, Telia, Ericsson, vehicle, Intelligent Vehicle Initiative, GPS, Swedish National Road Administration

Title: Text messagers turn towns into giant computer game
Author: John Elliott
Publication: The Sunday Times
Publication Date: 4/29/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: The games people play.
Subjects: Gaming, Location Sensitive Devices (LSD), Mobile Phones, SMS, Stockholm, Wireless
Keywords: Cellphone commandos, It's Alive, Botfighters, Sven Halling, global positioning

Title: HomeRF Working Group Inc. (HRFWG)
Abstract or Excerpt: The mission of the HomeRF Working Group, Inc. is to establish the mass deployment of interoperable wireless networking access devices to both local content and the Internet for voice, data and streaming media in consumer environments.
Subjects: Ubiquitous Computing, Wireless
Keywords: RFID, interoperable wireless networking, smart homes, pervasive

Title: THAILAND: Mobile Phone Network Paralyzed by Flood of Love Messages
Publication: Xinhua News Agency
Publication Date: 2/15/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: The computer network controlling Thailand's largest mobile phone company's GSM operations was brought down Wednesday because of the number of people flooding it with Valentine's Day messages, The Nation newspaper reported.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, SMS
Keywords: Love Messages, GSM, Valentine's Day

Title: Cell phone statistics
Publication: J@pan Inc.
Publication Date: 4/1/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Cell phone use in Tokyo. A survey by NTT DoCoMo noted that more than 90 percent of Tokyo-area high school students now possess a cellular phone. When 1,000 people aged 15 to 69 were questioned, it was determined that 94 percent of teen girls and 93 percent of teen boys owned such devices.
Subjects: Japan, Mobile Phones, SMS
Keywords: DoCoMo, Tokyo, Cell phone statistics

Title: A Def Jam for America's Mobile Youth
Author: C.J. Kennedy
Publication: The Feature
Publication Date: 6/14/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Fight for your right to be mobile! Russell Simmons' new venture aims to connect American youth to the mobile world.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: Hip-Hop Culture, American Youth, Rush Communicators, youth, UPOC, Def Jam, AT&T Wireless, Motorola

Title: The Prince, 2nd ed.
Author: Niccolo Machiavelli
Publication: London and New York: W.W. Norton, 1992

Title: Increasing Returns and Path Dependence in the Economy
Author: W. Brian Arthur
Publication: Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1994

Title: Vivid Interactive Prepares to Take Adult Entertainment Mobile
Author: Anna Dorfman
Publication: Wireless (Silicon Alley)
Publication Date: 7/25/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Ever since the introduction of the VHS player in 1976, the adult entertainment industry has been a pioneer in taking advantage of emerging technologies--from videocassettes and DVDs to the Internet--to make its explicit content more accessible and staggeringly profitable. The newest momentum for this sector is wireless. What kind of entertainment, after all, is better suited for a mobile and wholly interactive medium?
Subjects: Mobile Phones, Wireless
Keywords: Adult, Sex, adult entertainment, networks, Vivid Interactive

Title: Complaints about SMS Spam
Author: Stephen Rothwell and others from listserv, July 2001
Publication: The WAP Group
Publication Date: 7/23/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: Hi all, In the last three weeks I have received 6 different unsolicited SMS advertising stuff I am completely not interested. I have also had a phone call from Genie customer services trying to get me to sign to them. These intrusions are immensly annoying. KJC - offered me a new handset and SIM contract when they know full well I only renewed my Vodafone contract 6 months ago.
Subjects: Mobile Phones, SMS, Wireless
Keywords: unsolicited, Spam, advertising, marketers, SMS Spam

Title: You Are How You Use Your Cell Phone -- Or, A Glimpse Of Our Future
Publication: Boston Globe
Abstract or Excerpt: Human Costs of Mobile Phones in Operating Rooms. Witness Chung Chi-cheon, who was lying on an operating table, undergoing surgery to his colon, when his doctor's cell phone rang. His doctor took the call. And then chatted about buying a BMW. For 13 minutes. Chi-cheon's colon was less amiable--it was perforated and its owner was rushed back to the hospital hours later. A touchy Chi-cheon blames the inattentive doctor.
Subjects: Mobile Phones
Keywords: cell phone, doctor, human costs, operating rooms

Title: The Wireless Underground: San Francisco's Free Computer Networks
Author: Annalee Newitz
Publication: SF Gate
Publication Date: 3/22/2001
Abstract or Excerpt: With a wireless ethernet card, a laptop and some basic software savvy, you can get on the Internet for free from almost anywhere in downtown San Francisco. In fact, you can get a lot more than free Web surfing. You can waltz unhindered into dozens of corporate networks and access passwords, databases and private e-mail.
Subjects: Privacy, Surveillance, Wireless
Keywords: beacons, networks, public wireless networks, security, Bay Area Wireless User Group, Peter Shipley, Matt Peterson, 802.11b, Wireless LANs, grassroots, Starbucks-Microsoft, Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)

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